Fundamental manifestation conditions

Fundamentele manifestatie condities

Fundamental manifestation conditions

Make manifesting consciously more fun, faster and easier!


This blog presents a number of fundamental conditions that make manifesting consciously more fun, faster and easier. Know that consciously manifesting is nothing more than believing that you already have it or are it, making visible what is already there. Believe first, then see, that is the magic key.

Once you truly believe that, without resistance, without conflicting thoughts and beliefs, then your wish will be made visible in your physical reality. After all, your wish is already there, in another parallel reality, enjoyed by another version of you. The conditions below represents what I have learned from Abraham, Bashar and Neville Goddard.

Acceptance & acknowledgement

  • You are consciousness. You are an extension of source energy. You are energy. You are vibration.
  • You are the operant power. You are the true cause. You are the creator of your reality. You are the author of your life. You are God in your Universe.
  • Acknowledge that what is, is past tense, manifestations from your old state of being! Put 'what is' where it belongs, in the past tense category.
  • It's the realization of the path, not the realization of the final destination. It's the realization of the path that makes such a sweet life.
  • The Universe has the ability to yield to you in ways you are not yet completely ready to accept or understand.
  • Understand that manifesting consciously represents the art of allowing.
  • Your physcal experience is a reflection of your consciousness.
  • Circumstances and conditions don't matter.
  • Your vibrational reality is your true reality.
  • Acknowledge and embrace the necessity and high value of your contrast.
  • Accept that everything is a beneficial thing while it's happening.
  • It's already yours. It's already done. It's already finished.


  • Trust your inner-being, trust your Vortex or Quantum field and trust the process.
  • Don't overdo it. Which requires a conscious trusting that the process works and that your life has put it there and that it's real and it's big and it's becoming and that it's yours, and that it's not going anywhere.
  • Let your gut instinct be what matters more than what you see. Let what you feel matter most just for a little while, and watch what happens. What you see is old news anyway.
  • Trust that your inner-being just guides you around your resistance.
  • Trust that everything is always working out for you.
  • Trust life.


  • Don't try to solve problems.
  • Don't argue for your limitations.
  • Don't meditatie or journal to achieve anything, Do it for the pleasure and feeling good of it.
  • Don't dig into the past, don't activate unwanted even more or again.
  • Don't judge the importance of any received thought.
  • Don't focus on negativity, unwanted.
  • Don't take score.


  • Be in the present moment often, there is only now.
  • Quiet your mind often.
  • Calibrate to your inner-being often.
  • Take Law of Attraction seriously, very seriously.
  • Tell a different story.
  • Journal using pencil and paper.
  • Get out ahead of it, practice segment intending.
  • Practice the art of satisfaction.
  • Focus on all positive aspects, on everything that goes well.
  • Make feeling GOOD your dominant intention.
  • Choose in every moment for the better feeling thought.
  • Follow your highest excitement.
  • Respond to the world from your desired state of being.
  • Fall asleep with thoughts that make you smile ear to ear.
  • Make peace with What Is, everything and everyone.
  • Feel satisfaction for where you are.
  • Celebrate your journey.
  • Have lot's of fun, celebrate life now, chill. Make that your point of attraction.
  • Feel appreciation for what is and eagerness for what's coming.
  • Relax and enjoy the unfolding.

Replacing hurting beliefs

Replace that belief that hurt you with other beliefs that don't hurt you. Focus on what goes well in relationship to the subject. Those beliefs are also factual and true and they don't hurt when you focus upon them.

Dealing with negative emotions

Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say "something is important here otherwise I would not be feeling this negative emotion. What is it that I want?" And then simply turn your attention to what you do want. In the moment you turn your attention to what you want, the negative attraction will stop. In the moment the negative attraction stops the positive attraction will begin. And -in the moment- your feeling will change from not feeling good to feeling good.