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Van inzicht en kennis naar heling

Zodra helder is geworden wat er onder ziekte zit, (bijvoorbeeld middels de 5 Biologische Natuurwetten van dr. Hamer) volgt de lastigste fase, hetliefdevol uit ons systeem kieperen van de oorzaken, nadat we dankbaarheid hebben getoond voor al hetgeen het ons gebracht heeft.

Er zijn vele methoden die ons helpen om ziekmakende, ziekhoudende en anderszins ongewenste valse overtuigingen, gedachten en emoties uit ons systeem te verwijderen, en te vervangen door gedachten, overtuigingen en gevoelde emoties die ons op dit moment wel dienen. Denk hierbij aan EFT, EMDR, MIR, RET, et cetera. Het aantal ‘leraren’ van kennis over onszelf, schepping en aantrekking is nog vele malen groter. Denk hierbij aan Paulo Coelho, Eckardt Tolle, Bashar, Bentinho Massaro, Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden et cetera.

Welke methode of kennis jou op dit moment gaat helpen is niet te voorspellen. De manier waarop het wordt overgebracht, de woordkeuze, de intonatie, de voorbeelden, de lichaamshouding enzovoorts bepalen wat of wie jou op dit moment raakt, wat er met jou resoneert. Bovenal is het ontzettend belangrijk om te vertrekken vanuit enige basiskennis over jezelf. over creatie, schepping en de wet van aantrekking.

Dit artikel reikt je die basiskennis aan, waarna als een levend document, de praktische handvaten volgen. Je zal er al snel achterkomen dat VERANDERING, in ieder denkbaar opzicht een belangrijke rode draad in je helingsproces zal blijken te zijn! Je gaat ook inzien dat ieder mens controle heeft over zijn genen en zelfs stamcellen. Je bent een wandelenede apotheek met minimaal 40.000 helende en scheppende stofjes, en die kan je naar believen aanspreken!


You are not receiving. Never ever. You are creating, always. Everything. Creating from your preferences, your vibrational state.
All you experience is yourself.

Ease is the creator of what you want. Struggle is the creator of what you not want!
Perceiving and creation is the same thing!
Life is on your side! The Universe is on your side!

You are supported in what you believe!

De wet van aantrekking werkt niet op basis van wat je wil, denkt of zegt. Het reageert op hoe je je voelt, de resonanties die je gevoel opwekken. Het Universum ondersteunt je in wat  je voelt. Voel je je ellendig of angstig, dan zal het Universum daar meer van toespelen. Voel je je sterk, wijs, slagvaardig, dan is dat waar je nog meer van gaat ervaren, creëren.
Mind and body are always in alignement, they can not be out of aligenement with with eachother. They can only be out of alignement with spirit.
The body can not do anything on its own, it’s responding to the mind only. So whatever you think, you create a body thats in alignement with what you thought. What you thought might not be in aligebmet with what you really wanted to think. But nevertheless, the body responds to how you think. It’s a physical extension of the mind.
Existing medical structures, weather western or eastern, many of them micromanage and are already under the assumption that a physical illment means that something physical is out of balance. This is never the case. A physical imbalance is always the result of the mind not being in alignment with the truth of creation. The truth of one’s higher self. So, ultimately, it does not matter what you put into your body!
Balance it out, what is the path of least resistance for me. Ultimately means full aware, least tapped into the collective grid, collective.
Don’t believe anything that does not feel good, it’s that simple! When you experience something that does not feel good, it means that is’s safe to let that go, you have full permission to let go what does not feel good!
Feel good is your only job, your only job description, everything else should be taken care of by the higher mind, higher consciousnes!

We experience 100.000+ feeling swings a day, including bad one's. Bad feelings are not negative things. Bad feelings are not negative things. You don’t have to be afraid of bad feelings. Welcome them in and see how much power they really don’t have! ;)
Get in a higher state then the negative one: Ease yourself into higher, greater alignement. Emphasis everything that is working, that is going well. You emphasis by the thing that you are judging as negative, is actually somehow serving you. You emphasis how good you feel about other things. You emphasis the things that you are excited about!
Start being grateful, so you will be grateful of all things you where not grateful for yet!!
It’s very hard to believe in a thought that makes no sense. If you believe in a thought you think makes sense, when from the higher mind point of view it does not make sense, you feel bad.  It unconditional loving showed you that you where out of alignement. That you can be more intelligent about what you believe in. Creation. Feeling bad is a loving tap on your shoulder!
As soon as you feel bad, welcome it in as doing amazingly well!
Control your vibration, not your situation! Vibrations do create, not the situations you perceive. As soon as you fall into the trap of believing you should control your environment, you’re already giving away your power to something that has no power to create the future.

Be a trusting god!

How to Live Joyously - Barry Long

Onderstaand is mijn transcriptie van een belangrijk deel van Barry Long's verhandeling over persoonlijkheid en vreugedevol leven. Waardevolle kennis en inzichten. Het zal bij veel mensen het best binnenkomen terwijl je tegelijkertijd luistert en leest. De uitgeschreven tekst begint in het filmpje bij 32.38 Succes, vooral met zijn 10 oefeningen!

Barry Long

Barry Long teaches that your personality is not you. The real you is truth and love. The personality is a mask you wear created by pain and fear as protection against an unjust world. It's responsible for all that's wrong in your life and in the world today. It sucks most energy and joy out of your life.

I was saying that we lost touch with our instinctive natural being. The question is: how come? I said that we where taught to hold on to our pain. Nobody thank god, thought the animals to do that. Nobody taught then to suffer, to think back and emotionalise over past hurts. That’s suffering. The natural creatures don’t hold om to their pain. They are instinctive. They feel physical pain just as we do. But when its over, they instinctively let go of it. The difference between them and you, is that you can reflect on the past. You can mentally dwell in the past. In the pain of your emotions. The animals can’t. You have self-consciousness, past-consciousness. They don’t. They depend on pure experience now. No past. No pain in between. A dog can be made savage or caring by your treatment. But the animal doesn’t dwell on the pain mentally. Doesn’t think about the past event or the person who caused it. The dog acts from pure experience. If it hears a voice similar to the voice of the person who caused the pain, it may turn to snarl or growl. But this happens in the moment and as soon as the moment passes, he returns to its natural state. So animals have no past, have no mental awareness of the past. And nor do you, once you detach from the personality.

But as you are now, you recall, remember and wallow in the past, in your emotions. You actually relive the pain, when there’s absolutely no reason for it. You might be alone in the comfort of your bed and yet be in the distress of your emotions. You keep pain alive in this way. By holding on to the emotional pain of the past and indulge in it as a sort of perverse excitement or safe entertainment, you attach yourself to the habit. The attachment to nicotine or heroine is no different. If you continue to indulge into the emotional drive of pain by thinking or talking about it, holding on to it, you become addicted and that is precisely what’s happened. Leave you alone, leave you silent in a chair with your eyes closed for 3 minutes, and you’ll be thinking about the past. In no time your thought will turn to some problem or emotional pain in your life or memory. Try it now, this minute. Push the stop button on this tape player and be silent for a few minutes. Then come back and we’ll continue.

I was talking of the pain of the past that you won’t let go of. You might say ‘I’m not aware of holding on to any pain. In fact, I’m quite free and easy’. Yes, that’s the conscious frontal part of your mind speaking. You’re speaking from now, the present. But this pain, this ground of the personality is in the past. In your subconscious, underneath what spoke. I say that emotional pain is stored in the abdomen. What does it mean? And the little spiritual flame in the abdomen. What’s that? No doctor has ever found this fundamental pain or any sign of the flame. The belly or abdomen of course are what you see with your senses, your frontal awareness. I mention it only to mark the spot as it were. But really the pain that causes your depressions, moods, anger and the like, is in your subconscious. Its hidden completely from sight. But it is not hidden from your experience. Is it? When you once heard that a lover had betrayed you, that someone you’d loved had died, or a precious possession was stolen, where did you feel it? You didn’t feel it where the doctor could find it. You felt it in your subconscious. In the deep hidden emotional part of you.

Now here’s the point. There are two places in your subconscious. One is where the psychic bowl of pain is lodged and out of which arises your dishonest and fearing personality. The other is where the spiritual flame is. And on top of both is your frontal awareness, your conscious mind, which you are using now to listen to my voice. Everybody loves being in touch with the flame. When they are, they register a feeling or knowledge of joy, easiness, lightness, optimism, sweetness or love. And the conscious mind reflects this through the body as a smiling face, a sprightly step, a harmony or melody and voice and actions. Other people are pleased to be with such a body. And the men or woman themselves is contanted or fulfilled. But when the frontal mind is connected with the bowl of pain, the ground of the emotional past, the reaction in mind and body is just the reverse.

Now we are beginning to talk about living joyously, returning to what your are behind the mask.

Behind every mask, behind every personality is a character. Just what is the difference between personality and character? Most people have heard animal lovers say that their pets have distinctive personalities. It makes them uniquely recognisable they say. Endearing, amusing and enjoyable to be with. But that’s not the animals personality. Its the animals character. And character is what you have to return to more consciously, in yourself. For the character is the character of your joyous being behind the personality. Character is your god given uniqueness. The personality so ofter obscures and deprives you of the pleasure or your character. Everybody without exception has character. And this loveable or admirable character appears when the frontal awareness or mind is connected directly with the flame of innocence. When the personality is no longer active. The man or woman is than seen in a different light. The unique character shines forth and we feel pleased or privileged to be in their company.

The stress as the personality arises out of the terrible contradiction of trying to hold on to existence while the life that you are, is letting go every moment. Life is ceaseless movement. Everything now is different in some way to what it was yesterday. Life moves every moment. Why don’t we move like life? With the speed or love that lets go every moment? The answer is in the two words life and existence. Life is in existence but existence is not life. Life is new every moment. Existence also should be new every moment. But we hold on to it, and it becomes a pain. If you don’t hold on to existence, you are the life in it, new every moment. Than the two become a harmony, than being is joyous. The harmonious interchange between life within and existence without, depends on you keeping your psyche free flowing. The personality glocs the psychic system which is naturally ever moving. The personality freeze frames existence. We freeze framed our houses, our possessions, our children and made them ‘mine’. We hang on to them as though they disappear if we didn’t cling to them. Its all due to the insecure personality. That feels it must hold on or loose its identity. So we fight people or countries to hold on to what we have. But life as we see it around us, behind all the persons of people and their personal problems, holds on to nothing. Life lets go every moment to the last moment.

Now we come to the crucial question. How can you learn to let go and be life that is new every moment? How do you start to live joyously? You have to get more energy!

The remarkable thing is that all the energy you require is already in you now, but it’s been wasted by your personality. There is only so much energy in your system, your body. Its not unlimited. But there’s sufficient to enable you to realise the truth, that is, to return you to the joyous life behind the mask, your original, vast and untroubled state of being. You are dissipating your energy out into existence through the personality, instead of using it to stay in your reality. The mask is kept on by energy going out. As you deny the projection of the personality, you can serve energy. When enough energy is retained, the mask collapses. It looses its independent and selfish existence.

Now I’m going to show you where you’re wasting this energy. Since you will than be conscious of it, because you’ve seen it in your own experience, you’ll begin to stop the leakage. You’ll have more energy to address other wasteful mannerism, attitudes and behaviour. Gradually you become more conscious, more responsible or authentic. Your character will reveal itself and your personality will be less in control of your life.

Here are ten things for you to do, or stop doing. They will conserve your energy. To begin with it will be hard. As you get deeper into the proces, you my become confused. The personality will always be trying to bamboozle you and make you give up. But keep going.

The ten exercises will always be here, along with this tape, to remind your and guide you. And your own undeniable experience that its working will be the demonstration of the truth. You’ll notice your lighter, easier, more joyous. And a new harmony will start pervading your whole life within and without.

Exercise 1

Give up talking about the past
The personality lives of the past. Feeds of you telling your story. Each time you hear yourself indulging in this, stop.  The more you practice, the easier it gets. You may loose some friends who’ll say you’re getting dull. Your losing your former interest in stimulating personality. You’ll know by this that you’re doing well, going home. There will be times when you have to refer to the past. To break the old habit initially, you must be extreme. The extremity is not to say anything that refers to the past. This includes what happened a minute ago. Unless there’s a purely practical reason for speaking like ‘did you post that letter?’ And one more thing, don’t tell your sad sad story. By stopping talking about the past, you’ll eventually stop thinking about the past. That will be the beginning of the end of worry.

Exercise 2

Be true to the situation. Not your personal likes and dislikes.
The personality lives off your emotional swings between what you like and what you don’t like. It uses the pendulum dynamics to keep itself going. You can’t be sure of your likes and dislikes, they change with the experience and the years. So this is what you do: Be true to the situation, to the event of circumstance you are facing. What does the situation require? It may not be what suites you personally. For example: If you’re employed to do a job, be true to what you’re paid for. Not to whether you like it or don’t like it. If you insist on reacting in dislike, be true to the situation and resign. Because clearly you won’t be doing a good job. The personality remember, will actually enjoy the conflict in situations like that. It wants you to go on doing a job and not liking it. Because then you can complain an emotionalise about it to your friends. This consumes energy which should be used for taking action, one way or the other.  Either you do the job by giving up your attitude, or you quit. That’s being true. Action always clears dead opt energy.

Exercise 3

Give up being dishonest. Dishonest to yourself and your life.
Anytime you are angry, resentful or depressed, it means you are not being honest. You are not facing life as it is. Anger arises because you are not getting your own way. Instead of being angry, you should be looking at what practical action you can take to get around the obstruction. If there is no practical action you can take, your desire is impractical at this time. To be honest, you must face that fact and give up your wanting. Remember, the mask of your personality is dishonesty itself. It hides the fact that if your have a very exciting experience today, you’re likely to undergo depression in a couple of days. The personality gets it satisfaction both ways. And you pay for it.

Exercise 4

Don’t talk unless you have something to say.
The personality is always talking. Talking consumes enormous energy. So this exercise is to learn to talk less. Talking is talking about something. Having a discussion, giving your opinions. Speculating, rationalising and repeating what you’ve heard. Now, in this exercise you learn the difference between talking and speaking. For instance, everybody talks about what the politicians should do. You can’t talk about what the politicians should do, unless you yourself do something towards rightning the situation. But you can write to them, phone them or cast your vote. Then you’d be taking action and able to speak from your own experience. Otherwise you’re just a talker. Only action or speaking what you live is true.

Exercise 5

No more complaining and blaming.
Complaining about your life and blaming other people and things for your difficulties. is one of the main leakages of energy. When you hear yourself doing this, stop. The truth is you are responsible for your life. If you are not responsible, it’s not your life. And that’s absurd. Similarly, if you blame something else of what happens to you, you’re giving up responsibility, by giving it to others. To be responsible is to be responsible for everything that happens to you, unfolding as your life. Indeed, there are continual difficulties you’ll have to face. They may seem to have been caused by other agencies. But you have to do your best to sort them out, that’s life. You don’t complain when you get a promotion at work, do you? You don’t blame the boss, you feel you’d deserved it. That you’ve must have earned it. In other words, you accepted you where responsible. So how can you duck out from being responsible for all the not so good things that happened to you?

Again, it’s the personality being two-faced. Not being straight. It presents life as it’s not and gets away with it while you continue to blame and complain. Now to break up some seemingly trivial habits that nonetheless eat up vital energy.

Exercise 6

Don’t allow your fingers to fiddle with a pencil or other nicknack. Don’t drum your fingers on the table. And here’s one, specially for young man, Don’t when seated quiver or tremble your leg. And don’t crack your knuckles.

Exercise 7

Don’t you gum, unless you chew it intentionally to get the flavour and freshen the mouth. Than spit it out, but not on the pavement please, which is another thoughtless action of the personality. Don’t, infact never, lick your fingers after touching food. Once you start touching and licking, it will become habitual and even your best friends won’t tell you. Don’t ask for morsels to taste from your partners plate. Either go harbs or order some for yourself. That’s the personalities greed and it’s graving for experience, not being responsible for what it wants.

Exercise 8

Especially for woman
Don’t run your fingers back through your hair when you’re talking or making a point. If your were makeup, start leaving it off. It only takes 3 months to stop thinking you look like a gool. Makeup of course is a personality projection. A cover up hiding the awful truth of the mask.

Exercise 9

Conversational habits.
Remembering that the personality depends on habitual unconsciousness. Stop using expressions like ‘darling, honey, my love and my dear’, when addressing your partner, friends or casual contacts. If anything use the persons correct name. After you’ve broken the habit, you’ll find the enduring expression occurs naturally and appropriately. But to begin with, to break the habit, make the situation conscious. Don’t use such terms. Don’t pet your partner down with silky words and actions, when you know you’re planning to be dishonest or you’ve done something they don’t like. Say I moved to pet you down because I don’t want you to react to what I’ve done or what I’m about to do. Then tell them straight what you have done or what you are about to do. Mostly you’ll find that you won’t do what you where going to do, or you’ll just do it and cop the force of their approval. At least you’ll be honest. And such honestly loosens the mask.

Don’y say ‘what I mean is’ and ‘you know’ or any similar fill in phrases. All unconscious in words of the western personality, now globally habitual. Don’t say ’to be honest’ because that implies you’re about to be dishonest or that you’re usually a lier. The point is, such phrases have no real meaning and are actually the mask talking.

Exercise 10

Don’t frown, screw up your face or look at the ceiling before you answer a question. It’s the personality pretending to be serious, sincere or intelligent, pretending to be thinking deeply. Know that the personality is a performer and communicates through grimacing and other facial antiques to enceart its existence. The more serene and unaffected your face, the more in touch you are with your being.

Those are the 10 exercises.

From Barry Long - How to Live Joyously

Lessen van Joe Dispenza

Epigenetics teaches that we, indeed, are not doomed by our genes and that a change in human consciousness can produce physical changes, both in structure and function, in the human body.

dr. Joe Dispenza
Thinking the same thoughts leads us to make the same choices. Making the same choices leads to demonstrating the same behaviors.  Demonstrating the same behaviors leads us to create the same experiences. Creating the same experiences leads us to produce the same emotions. And those same emotions then drive the same thoughts.
Just as thoughts are the language of the brain, feelings are the language of the body. So thinking creates feeling, and then feeling creates thinking that’s equal to those feelings. It’s a loop (one that, for most people, can go on for years). And because the brain acts on the body’s feelings by generating the same thoughts that will produce the same emotions, it becomes clear that redundant thoughts hardwire your brain into a fixed pattern of neurocircuitry.
Because your body acts as your unconscious mind, it didn’t know the difference between the actual event in your life that created the emotional state and the emotions you created by thought alone when you remembered the event.
So in order to change your current state of being, you’d have to be greater than these three elements: your body, your environment, and time.
Our experiences from our external environment are only part of the story, however. As we’ve been learning, how we assign meaning to those experiences includes a barrage of physical, mental, emotional, and chemical responses that also activate genes. How we perceive and interpret the data we receive from our senses as factual information—whether that information is actually true or not—and the meaning we give it produce significant biological changes on a genetic level. Thus, our genes interact with our conscious awareness in complex relationships. We could say that meaning is continually affecting the neural structures that influence who we are on the microscopic level, which then influences who we are on the macroscopic level.
Only when the cell is ignited in a new way, by new information, can it create thousands of variations of the same gene to rewrite a new expression of proteins—which changes your body. You may not be able to control all the elements in your outer world, but you can manage many aspects of your inner world. Your beliefs, your perceptions, and how you interact with your external environment have an influence on your internal environment, which is still the external environment of the cell. This means that you—not your preprogrammed biology—hold the keys to your genetic destiny. It’s just a matter of finding the right key that fits into the right lock to unleash your potential. So why not see your genes for what they really are? Providers of possibility, resources of unlimited potential, a code system of personal commands—in truth, they’re nothing short of tools for transformation, which literally means “changing form.

Now you can understand that whether it’s joyful or stressful, with every thought you think, every emotion you feel, and every event you experience, you’re acting as an epigenetic engineer of your own cells.
Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions for increasing your level of suggestibility.

Lessen van Bashar


Doubt is a 100% trust in a believe you don’t prefer. You are never really actually in doubt, you are always completely trusting in something. The question is, what do you trust in?
For life, it does not happen to you, it happens through you.
Respond to everything that happens as if it’s neutral, it does not automatically have  meaning. You decide what the meaning is!
The ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it! That’s abundance!
There is actually only one moment in Creation. Everything you experience is the same moment from a different point of view.
You are an eternal being and while you may change your form, you cannot cease to exist.
Everything you experience is another aspect of yourself.
You are so unconditionally loved and supported that you are allowed to feel unsupported and not loved.
Miracles are not the exception to the rule. They are the natural, true order of the things.
You attract your life experiences through the interaction of your strongest beliefs, emotions and actions.
Excitement is the physical translation of the vibrational resonance that is your true, core natural being. Follow your excitement!
Being humble is in fact being very arrogant towards Creation. Why would what it gives out, work for everybody but you?! Are you that special??
The higher mind never gives up! When you’re not listening to your higher mind, it will get very creative to get your attention. That might involve accidents or other big changes in your life.
Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.
Circumstances do not determine your state of being. Your state of being determines your circumstances.
Circumstances don’t matter, they do not materialise things. Only your state of being MATTERS. It brings energy into matter and therefore will materializes things.
The goal to live is the experience itself. As people say, the proces isn’t the point, the journey is the destination. It’s not that you are trying to get somewhere else, it’s that you are trying to be more here. That’s the goal! To be here more presently.
That which exists cannot become non-existent. You will never cease to exist.
Relax into the idea of your indestructibility.
You are a non-physical consciousness that is experiencing physical reality.
Excitement tells you what you are best capable of doing. If something excites you, it excites you for a reason. There are not Extraneous creations, no accidental interactions.
If you still react the same way to an old circumstance, you haven’t grown. It has nothing to do with whether or not that circumstance should be in your life anymore.
Nothing is too simple or too good to be true, and nothing is too wondrous or too ecstatic to be yours – nothing. You deserve all you can conceive of – because you exist! And if you exist, then obviously All That Is, the Infinite Creator believes you deserve to exist.
It’s the excitement in the simple things that tells you what simple things are actually connected to the bigger things that excite you. And will actually get you there in what may seem to be a round about manner, but by following the excitement is actually the shortest, fastest, straightest path.
Recognize that you have chosen your purpose in being in this society at this time on your planet. Know that if you were not going to make a difference, you would not be here. As you begin to see the idea of the connection of everything in your society as it relates to you, and as you relate to it, you will begin to understand that each and every individual makes a difference within the society as a whole.
The BEST possible version your PHYSICAL MIND is capable of imagining is the LEAST possible version your HIGHER MIND can imagine. So don’t stop the higher mind by saying, ‘That’s the best I can get.’ Let the higher mind give you more than you believe you could get. Because if you insist that the picture that the physical mind gets is the best that can happen, you are actually limiting what might even be a more amazing way the higher mind could bring it about.
How can you be afraid to feel? Isn’t fear a feeling? If you’re feeling fear, you’ve felt one of the most negative emotions there is to feel. Everything else should be a piece of cake. Feel good, feel happy, feel healthy, feel loved, feel abundant, feel creative, feel compassionate, feel knowledgeable, feel powerful.

Praktische aanwijzingen

Verdiep je in de lessen van Bashar, Bentinho Massaro, en Joe Dispenza en laat het daarbij, om het nog enigszins overzichtelijk te houden.

Dispenza leert je vooral de werking van onze hersenen en de interactie met het lichaam, hoe en waarom je lichaam reageert op wat je denkt, en voelt en vice versa op basis van moderene neurologische kennis. Je gaat ontdekken dat wij zelf in staat zijn om groepen genen en zelfs stamcellen te activerenen de-activeren, gebruik makend van onze eigen inwendige apotheek van naar schatiing zo’n 40.000 stofjes. Je gaat leren hoe je ongewenste neurologische circuits kan vervangen dooe neurologische circuits die je wel dienen. Je gaat ook rap begrijpen dat iedere stressgevende emotie, de noodzakelijke signalering tussen stoffen en genen zal verzwakken.

Bashar en Massaro leren je vooral hoe creatie werkt en hoe je dat in de vingers kan krijgen.

Voordat je hiermee aan de slag gaat, besluit wie je wil zijn.

1) Decide who I am.
2) See it
3) Feel it
4) Become it!
(Why am I here, to share what, to become more of what, what is most important to me, what do you want to be an example of?)

1) Tegelen!

Voorbeeld manifestatie: 'Ik ben niet goed genoeg'
Ga op een tegel staan om aldaar volledig bewust. oprecht te kijken, geïnteresseerd te onderzoeken, naar wat de onderhavige manifestatie in dit moment precies toont.

Tevens kijk je naar wat die manifestatie in jou toont aan gedachten en eventuele overtuigingen over de manifestatie. Bijvoorbeeld: 'Ik voel mij slecht en onwaardig, want ik kan het gevoel van niet goed genoeg zijn, niet stoppen, elimineren.

Het is belangrijk te beseffen dat de manifestatie in het nu, gecreërd is door de combinatie van essentie en de essentie van de blokkerende overtuigingen. Je kijkt naar je oude vibratie die zich nu toont in je heden. De overtuiging 'Ik kan hen niet stoppen, elimineren' en de bijnehorende emoties, gevoelens zijn oud.

Als je dat allemaal helder en diepgaand hebt gezien en doorvoeld, kijk je of je ervoor klaar bent om de short cut te nemen. Daarmee wordt bedoeld het onmiddelijk schakelen, transformeren in bewustzijn, fysiek bekrachtigd door op een andere tegel te gaan staan. Je bewustzijn, je frequentie verhogen dus. Een krachtig hulpmiddel hiertoe is de vraag aan jezelf: 'Hoe voelt het hier op deze tegel, hoe is het, hoe ben ik als ik in deze manifestatie mijn hoogste kwaliteit van mijn essentie zou leven?'

Een mogelijk antwoord kan zijn: 'Voor mij is een van mijn krachtigste delen van mijn essentie PLEZIER.

Vervolgens onderzoek je de vraag: Hoe is het om midden in het gevoel dat je het niet kan stoppen, vol het plezier te ervaren? Te zijn?

Kijk vervolgens naar de innerlijke fysieke reactie. Als je de vreugde, het plezier meteen voelt, dan weet je zeker dat je van tegel en daarmee van bewustzijn bent verschoven en dat je vrij bent in dat moment van de manifestatie uit het verleden!

Met dank aan tegelkunstenaar Eugenie van Ruitenbeek!


Joe dispenza, You Are the Placebo
Joe dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Lees de boeken van Dispenza, en bekijk de filmpjes van Bashar en Massaro.


How to Achieve Perfect Health - Bentinho Massaro
Realize Infinite Self Love (Die before you die) - Bentinho Massaro
Master Your Vibration - Ease Your Way into Bliss - Bentinho Massaro
Become a Manifestation Powerhouse - Bentinho Massaro



Rob M.M. Greuter
17 september 2016
Actualisatie: 4 november 2017