Manifest like a Master!

Hacking the Law Of Attraction (LOA)!

- Melody Fletcher -

Melody's grootste boodschap is dat veel leraren LOA verkeerd of incompleet leren, waardoor men keer op keer faalt.
Het gaat om de zogenaamde Representational Frequency. Zodra je focussed op iets, dan zal dat energie activeren in jou, niet in 'iets', niet in hetgeen gewenst. En, de geactiveerde energie vertegenwoordigd niet het gewenste maar vertegenwoordigd de energie van hetgeen waarop je je focussed voor jou betekent, in jou! En dat kan natuurlijk positief en negatief uitvallen, het is maar net en precies wat het je doet en dat wordt voornamelijk bepaald door datgene dat in je onderbewuste rondspookt. Zo zal een focus op financiële overvloed juist meer armoede brengen, als jouw relatie met geld armoedig is, als het je steeds negatief raakt...Dan dien je dus eerst serieus te gaan herprogrammeren voordat je met LOA gaat stoeien.

LOA brengt je niet wat je wil, wat je wenst. LOA brengt je datgene dat overeenkomt met de geactiveerde energie in jou. Het is vervolgens aan jou om uit te vinden welke energie je werkelijk wil om vervolgens precies die energie te activeren! Zij heeft er een fantastisch boek over geschreven, Deliberate Receiving!

Part 1: The Mechanics of Manifestation

Manifest like a Master

- Discover the simple, effortless, natural process that’s changed thousands of lives! -

In part one I talk about the mechanics of manifestation en how reality is actually a kind of technology that once properly understood, can be hacked, so you can step into the reality of your choice.

Then I talk about the relation between focus and Representational Frequency and the 5 stages of progressive manifestation and how you can use them to check if what you are about to manifest is something you want, or not. With this knowledge you’ll be able to catch negative manifestations before they can become physical.

So, in part one I discus what happens when the energy you focus on, becomes active. How it actually goes through a progression, from a very subtle manifestation to a much more obvious one.

But that part of the question of how we can deliberately and specifically activate the energy of our choosing. We often call this aligning with the energy. You learn that the energy actually gets activated within you. Not out there somewhere. This alignment or atuning or matching to a frequency is actually called entrainment.

Video part one

Part 2: Entrainment

Become a match to what you want

- Use the Universe's own, effortless process to become a match to the frequency of your desire! -

Entrainment is a phenomenon of energy in which the powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object will cause the less powerful vibrations of another object to lock in step and oscillate or vibrate at the first object’s rate.

Examples of entrainment

Pendulums in Unison

Pendulum clocks hung next to each other on a wall will start to synchronize with each other and swing in perfect unison.


When a group of women live and sleep very closely together, their menstrual cycles will start to adjust and happen at the same time.

Two Hearts Beat as One

Muscle cells from our hearts, when two hearts move closer together, suddenly shift in their rhythm and start pulsing together in perfect synchronicity.

Great minds think alike

The brain waves of two people having a great conversation will begin to oscillate to the same rhythm.

So basically, if you want to change your vibration to one that’s going to attract something you want, you’ll have to find a way to subject yourself to the frequency of what you want, in such a way that you’ll entrain to it or begin to vibrate at that new frequency. And once you do, your reality must mirror that frequency back to you. What you want will manifest.

3 Core Principles of Entrainment

1 – Figure out what you want (Entrainment Begins)

(Point your powerful focus towards what you want!)

  • Figure out what you TRULY want (not what you don’t want)
  • You have to be willing to admit how you feel, even if you don’t want to feel that way
  • Look for that heart opening or “dancing around the room” feeling
  • Hold it for 60-120 seconds to begin the process of entrainment
  • If nothing happens within 2 minutes, go back to the drawing board. Reach higher, dream bigger, and/or be more honest with yourself.

2 – The Power of Choice (Choose What to Entrain to)

  • Your greatest power is the power to choose what you to focus on and what state of being you step into
  • Choose what you truly want
  • Allow yourself to believe, even if it’s just a thought exercise, that what you want can happen.
  • The easiest way to entrain to another frequency is spend time with people who are already vibrating there
  • This goes both ways. Spending time with negative people can cause you to entrain to a lower frequency. Choose your tribe carefully

3 – Resistance comes up (to be Released)

  • Entraining to a higher vibration causes any related resistance to reveal itself
  • As you entrain to what you want, you may begin to feel discomfort or negative emotion
  • THIS is the resistance
  • Emotions contain a lot of information

Video part two

Part 3: Manifesting Blueprint

Release Limiting Belives

All of my best resistance and blockage releasing processes in one place!

Je zal echt eerst haar video moeten gaan bekijken, voordat je onderstaand schema gaat doorzien en kan gaan toepassen. Het is een zeer waardevol en bruikbaar instrument voor het vinden en elimineren van alle gradaties beperkende overtuigingen!

Video part three

Rob M.M. Greuter
4 februari 2018
Actualisatie: 4 februari 2018