How to educate highly advanced children

How to educate highly advanced children

How to educate highly advanced children

In below session Bashar explains how to best educate the relatively new born children, who are, in a positive way, quite different from the children born before them. It will help you train them to be responsible adults, loving adults, connective, creative, imaginative adults who are self-empowered in the world.

The session with Bashar:
Bashar Channeled by Darryl Anka at the Conscious Life Expo 2023

From 26.05
Q) Do the young children, being highly advanced, have the telepathic ability and how do we help them to increase that skill?
A) Many of them do. As we have said, the children that have been being born on your planet for a little while now, are not just a new generation. They are a new species. They have different genetic markers that allow them to be more in touch with their spiritual selves and bring through and not forget as much who they are. And therefore they are great teachers for many of you on your planet.

The idea of allowing them to increase these abilities is to let them be themselves. Yes, guide them, absolutely. Teach them the consequences of the choices that they make in a safe place, in a safe way. Allow them to learn what they need to learn that you think is important for them to learn to thrive in physical reality, but if you believe these lessons are important, adapt the lessons to their excitement, don't put their excitement in a box. Teach them that they are as powerful as they need to be already in order to attract whatever they need in life, without having to harm themselves or anyone else. And notice I didn't say what they want, I said what they need. Because what they need will actually fulfilling them and give them joy. Whereas sometimes what they want may not. Teach them the difference. But above and beyond all that, teach them that they are unconditionally loved by source.

Telepathy is telempathy. You're never reading someone else's mind. You are on the same vibrational wavelength as them and having the same thoughts at the same time because that's the thoughts that occur with that frequency. That's why people who are in love often know exactly what each other are thinking, finish each other's sentences, because they're on the same wavelenght. That's what telempathy is. The mind you're reading is your own, but you know that the thoughts going through your mind are exactly the thoughts going through someone else's mind that you are in vibrational stasis with.
Q) So stay in their vibration that would help you...
A) Be true to yourself, be your true vibration and be in love with everyone and everything.

From 1.00.44
Q) How do I give my granddaughter the proper love and not spoiling her?

A) I already outlined how children can be helped to become mature adults and make mature choices that are beneficial to everyone. Remember when I talked about the children? (Yes) That's how.

Provide a safe space with your inspiration and your imagination and your creativity where they can learn the consequences of choices before they use them out in the world.

Allow them to understand they are as powerful as they need to be to attract whatever they need in life without having to harm themselves or anyone else in order to do so.

Any lessons you feel they need to learn that are important for them to thrive in physical reality, find a creative and imaginative way to adapt the lesson to their excitement. Don't bottle their excitement into the lesson.

Teach them the formula. That's it. That's how you show them love. That's how you train them to be responsible adults, loving adults, connective, creative, imaginative adults who are self-empowered in the world.

Up to you to allow your imagination to alter that in any way shape or form that the circumstances require. But that's the basic form of idea of letting them grow into being them true selves. 

Acting on your highest passion, excitement, the formula!

From 18.11
Q) What am I supposed to do in this year to help the Mother Earth?

A) Are you following our formula, are you familiar with our formula of following your passion?

Let me briefly outline the idea. This is not a philosophy it is literally an instruction manual for how reality works.

Number one: Act on your highest passion. Even if it's just a little bit more excitement in something than any other choice, act on that first to the best you can, taking it as far as you can, until you can't take it no further. Make sure you are able to act on it with regard to the parameters and laws of your society. Act on it to the best you can. When it ceases to be your excitement, make sure you're not the one dampening the excitement with your belief system, but if it is. Natural waning, look for the next thing that contains more excitement than any other action, it can be very simple too, it doesn't have to be a large scale idea, act on that next. Follow the path of excitement, curiosity, attraction, love, creativity. Always. Do this, and I know this is a challenge for many of you, with absolutely no insistence or assumption as to what the outcome is supposed to be. Zero.

Stay in a positive state, no matter what happens, because you don't really know, although you may think you do, you don't really know what the ideal outcome is actually is supposed to look like, and when you are given an opportunity by synchronicity for something that manifests, based on the results of your actions, even if it's something you objectively, neutrally don't prefer, which means it's simply not vibrationally compatible with who you actually are, it's still there for a reason. Know that and stay in a positive state, because ion you do, you will get a benefit from whatever it is. Even if it's something you don't prefer, sometimes seeing what you don't prefer clarifies what you do, and that's a positive way to use what you don't prefer. When you use it up in a positive way, then it will disappear because you have used it up for the purpose that it is there. Follow that up by examining your belief systems and letting go of the fear-based beliefs within you, in your unconscious mind, your subconscious mind. Find out why you're holding on to beliefs that don't work for you because you always have a reason and it's mostly because you believe or have been thought to believe that it is something you need, it is something beneficial for you.

I give you this. You never ever ever hold on to a belief that you don't believe is to your benefit. Ever. As soon as you identify why you believe it's to your benefit and realize that it is a contradiction to the idea of your vibration, it's gone. You have to make it take no sense to hold on to it. As long as you have a reason to hold on to it, because you believe it is necessary for you, it will remain.

So, follow your passion, take it as far as you can to the best you can, no insistence, no assumption, stay in a positive state no matter what and examine your belief systems and let go of the negative ones and fear-based ones that do not work for you

You will activate many different principles when you do this. It's an instruction manual for how reality works. And soon you will start to pay attention to the fact that everything is synchronicity, you will see things falling into place in a positive way.

I remind you there is, in a sense, green light synchronicity and red light synchronicity. The green light synchronicity allows you to act on whatever opportunity synchronicity has brought you that contains your passion or excitement, but red light synchronicity says no, not yet. This is not your path right now. Go in another direction. You may come back around to it, but right now this is not your path, so don't beat your head against a brick wall thinking that you have to go that way, when synchronicity is saying not yet.

Follow the flow. These are designed to guide you unerringly along the path that is true for you. It may seem like a weaving, rambling path, but it is actually the quickest and straightest path for you if you are guided by those synchronicities.

When you do this, everything falls into place. It becomes a path of least resistance, the driving engine of your life. It becomes the oath of connection to everything you need to do that is relevant for you. It becomes the support system and brings it to you in whatever form you need it. And it reveals to you, like a reflective mirror, any ideas that may pop up while you're acting on your excitement, that feel out of alignment with your excitement, so you can examine why it's there, bring it to the surface of your consciousness and let it go. Does this answer your question?

Bashar's complete formula:
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De formule (nederlandstalig)