Global daily peace intentions for Ukraine

Global daily peace intentions for Ukraine

Global daily peace intentions for Ukraine

Invitation to join this powerful group intention for peace in Ukraine!


1) Start the Cho Ku Rei timer.
2) Sit comfortably, feets on the floor, hands on the legs, palms down. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply.
3) Visualize the map of Ukraine with the Ukraine flag in the middle of the map in front of you.
4) Send energy of light, support, peace, freedom and love to the map.

Example: You could imagine sending a large cloud of sparkling white light to the map, containing energies of white light, support, peace, freedom and love.

What I do: starting at 20.00 hours CET, I say in my mind this intention: 'It is our intention that the people of Ukraine live in peace, harmony and freedom. I repeat this intention every few minutes while I continue to visualize sending white light containing the energies of peace, harmony and freedom.

Do this on a daily basis during 40 consecutive days, 10 minutes a day. The more people doing this together at the same time , the more powerful the effect will be. This is something everyone can do, no special talents required. We are that powerful.

And remember to join from alignment with your higher self, from a loving perspective, because:
You don’t get peace by hating war. You get peace by loving peace.
- Bashar -

Time zones

Ideally this is done by large groups of people, perhaps split into two or more different time zones, e.g. US and Europe time zones. This is not yet coordinated. I start my intention at 20.00 CET.

Background information

Lynne McTaggert (a former journalist) has investigated these types of group intentions and proven that this actually works. See has written books on this subject and organizes The intention of the week to help heal three persons each week.

Reciprocal effect

Lynne McTaggart also discovered there is a reciprocal effect, a bounce back effect, a mirror effect. Magical things can happen in the lives of the attendees.

Requests for assistance

In order to maximize the effect of this global intention, it would help to have global coordination, global distribution of this invitation and translations of this page in at least correct Ukraine language.

Kryon on war in Ukraine

Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll) explains how we we can intervene in the war in Ukraine. This is a very important transmission. Don't let the title misguide you, Kryon is very clear on how to intervene.

Kryon - Does Spirit Interfere with Free Choice?

Ryo on war in Ukraine

I was inspired to write this page after listening to Ryo (channeled by Tyler Ellison). Ryo is from Sassani, the same planet as much more known Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) originates from. In his October 2022 Q&A he discussed the current situation (reading the current energies) and invited us to join them in sending much needed and powerful energies to the situation in Ukraine. Please do read my transcript of that part of his Q&A.

From 56.06
Q) What is the energy momentum behind the war in Ukraine and when will the war end? Will Ukraine become a new light center in Europe will lead the world peace?

A) Well, the situation is still unfolding in many ways. So we don't necessarily see the whole  situation coming to an end, the total end anytime soon. What we see is the idea of gradual phenomenon, gradual processes taking place over time. And these processes which will likely take some time, are going to be related to resolution in relationship to this particular conflict.

So this may look like lessened occupations, this may look like certain territories being reworked or reconfigured, and this may also look like international negotiations, for there are many pieces that come into play in this particular war.

Some of these pieces are related to the conflict specifically between Russia and Ukraine, but some of these pieces are also connected to different international players that are also involved in the situation.

So there are certain, you could say, players that are attempting to extend the amount of time  that this conflict takes, there are also certain players that are attempting to decrease the time that are aiming for a quicker resolution. There are different pieces, there are different players that are attempting to create resolution but in the favour of one of the countries involved.

So there's a great deal of different moving parts. Not all of them are in harmony in relationship to this situation. So, what we see is, in the following year the war continuing, however negotiations and conflict resolution-based tactics being utilized to cool down the conflict.

So, we will get more specific perhaps if that is needed, but what we will remind all of you of is you have the ability to impact any and all world events that take place. For example, if you would desire, and perhaps many of you would desire that the war decrease in relationship to its presence and the amount of time needed for peaceful resolution, then you can work together to send energy in a very strategic manner to Ukraine.

Simply get a picture of the country, get a picture of the flag, and at the same time each day, by yourself or with many people physically or remotely, spend time just sending energy to this picture, and do this every day for about 40 days if you wish. The more people you have working with you, the more powerful the effect will be. But you can impact how that event plays out. You have that power, you have that ability. And that is what we would advise for many of you who desire to experience peace in this conflict. This is something you can all do.

And keep in mind, this is something that many extraterrestrials are doing each day. We are constantly sending light and support and energies of peace into even these conflicted war-torn area's. And you can join us in that regard. You can join us in this pursuit. And you'll find that when enough of you start to feed your energy into this, especially as a team, these collective energies will begin to work together that will pave the way for resolutions.

So, you don't have to wonder what will happen. If you set your mind to it and you work together, you can create what happens. That is within your power. So we invite you all to do this.
- Ryo -

Ask Ryo October Q/A 2022

Ukraine language version
Author: Rob M.M. Greuter
15th october 2022
Updated: jan 13th 2023