The Formula

The Formula

The Formula

Follow this formula and you will flow through life whistling and blissfully!

Bashar’s 'Follow your excitement formula' is the masterkey to being your true self and living your dreams in pure bliss, in just five simple parts.

All kinds of things will suddenly start to happen consistently when you apply this formula in your life. It's just like everything starts to fall into place. Everything shows you that's it's interconnected, that we're not really isolated. It's a very incredible experience.

All you need to do is follow the five parts of the formula. And when you do all of that, when you take those steps and apply them as precisely and cleanly as possible, the synchronicity in your life goes absolutely crazy, to crazy magical levels that are almost beyond belief. And you life just becomes this ecstatic explosion of synchronicity, one after another, to the point where you could tell people stories and they almost won't believe you because it just seems too good to be true. Too magical, too weird, too crazy.

The Formula

1) Act on your excitement, your passion, whatever is most exciting to you in the moment. Do this every moment that you can.

  • Understand that following your excitement, your passion, brings you the vibration of your true core self.
  • You have a physical mind and a non-physical higher mind, the part of us that's still in spirit. And the two work together, when we allow it to, as a guiding system. The higher mind communicates to the physical mind in an energy language. Our physical bodies and physical minds translate those energy messages from our higher mind into the physical sensation we call passion, or love, or excitement, or curiosity, or inspiration, or attraction.
  • Respond to it by acting on the excitement. This acting responds to the higher mind which then says, I heard you, I hear you telling me that the reason this excites me is because this is me, this is my vibration. You're in a physical reality, so you need to take physical actions to allow things to happen because the physical mind language is action, not words.
  • When we are willing to act on the excitement, passion that the higher mind guides us towards, we're responding to it and creating a dialog that then can continue. If we don't act on it, the higher mind isn't going to send us any other opportunities to do so until we act on what it has already given us.
  • As long as an opportunity, an option contains even a little bit more excitement that any other opportunity or option, act on it first.
  • The highest excitement doesn't have to come in the form of a project or career, it can be something seemingly small.

2) Do this to the best of your ability. Take it as far as you can go until you cannot take it any further.

  • You explore every path, every opportunity to do what it is that excites you, what you're passioned about, until you just simply can't find any other way to do it. And that means that that moment, something else needs to be acted on. And it may seem to have no connection to what you were doing, but if it is your highest passion at that moment, it's the thread of passion that you follow, that tells you it is connected.
  • You have to be always aware when you're exploring these things whether you're the one that's dampening the excitement with your negative belief, or whether it's a true fading of your excitement because you need to look for another expression of it. You really have to be honest in your self investigation as to whether you're killing it, or whether it's naturally waning so you can look for the next step, the next stepping stone on your path. So all it takes is honest self evaluation, because most people when they're honest with themselves, they can tell the difference between excitement and anxiety. When you're honest, you'll know it. 'I'v got some fear based beliefs here that are preventing me from moving forward on something that could be my passion, but I'm afraid to move that way', as opposed to synchronicity saying, no, that's not you right now. You may be excited about it but this isn't the right time, so I'm preventing you from doing anything about it. You have to learn the difference between those signals. Because there's a green light synchronicity and a red light synchronicity and between those two of what you can act on and what you're not able to act on, acts as the guiding walls to keep you squarely on your path.
  • Everything is interconnected and when you follow the passion, synchronicity makes that evidential.
  • Use all your skills, talents, imagination and abilities in taking the action.
  • Act to the fullest degree you are able to act.
  • Keep acting on it until you have no more ability to act.
  • When you can act no further, choose the next most exciting thing you are able to take action on.
  • Recognise the signs, reflections and agreements that indicate an inability to take action on.
  • Physical parameters, laws of society, moral values and ethical standards can all indicate whether or not you have the ability to take action.

3) Act on your excitement, your passion with absolutely zero insistence, assumption or expectation as to what you think the outcome should be.

  • Understand that insistence on a specific outcome, manifestation or path may actually prevent a better manifestation than you imagined. We simply have no clue what the best outcome actually should look like. Sometimes we might guess, but we don't really know. So by dropping the expectation and the insistence on what the outcome should look like, we allow the higher mind and synchronicity to bring us the outcome that actually will work best for what our true purpose being here is all about.
  • The thing itself that excites you may not need to come to fruition. It may only excite you to get you to take action in order to create the state of being in which the thing that actually needs to manifest can do so.

4) Remain in a positive state regardless of what happens.

  • It is absolutely critical that no matter what happens, even if it's something we technically don't prefer, that's not vibrationally compatible with us, that doesn't feel right to us, we have to stay in a positive state, because we have to know that that happened for a reason. And that there is a way by staying in a positive state, that we can actually get a benefit from that non preferred thing happening in our lives.

5) Constantly investigate and improve your belief systems. Release & replace the beliefs not in alignment with who you prefer to be, holding you back from being yourself.

  • I am afraid I might fail, I won't be good enough, people will think I'm nuts, all these negative beliefs holding you back from being yourself, have to clear out of you, so that this mechanism, this formula can work most efficiently within you.
  • Investigate your beliefs to make sure you aren't making anxiety appear to be excitement.
  • Investigate your beliefs to make sure you aren't making excitement appear to be anxiety through fear-based definitions.

Complete formula toolkit

Acting on this five-part formula with integrity aligns you with the 'complete formula toolkit', supporting you completely and automatically.

  1. Provides every form of support, abundance and information in whatever way you need to be supported in, in order to continue to act on your excitement.
  2. It becomes the driving engine of your life that moves you forward. You can't wait to do something that's your passion.
  3. It becomes the organising principle of synchronicity, it arranges things for you in the proper order at the proper timing magically. Whatever you didn't have time to do at the end of the day, you didn't need to do that that day.
  4. Presents you with the path of least resistance to flow through life.
  5. Connects you to all other expressions of your excitement, no matter what form they come in.
  6. It becomes the reflective mirror that reveals anything within your beliefs that is out of alignment with your true vibration of excitement.
  7. Presents you with the path of relevance, it brings everything that is relevant for you into your life through synchronicity, it leaves nothing relevant out.

Bashar wordt sinds 1983 channeled door Darryl Anka. Bekijk en beluister onderstaand interview met Darryl Anka voor een verdiepened begrip van The formula.

The Five Principles of Self Mastery for a Happy Life with Darryl Anka
(from 27.53 and from 43.17)

The Formula is also avaiable in Dutch.

Updated: may 3rd 2022
Rob M.M. Greuter